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Do's and Dont's


Do: Find a
Lost Love

Use our reports to find
and reconnect with a
lost love.

Do: Check
Yourself Out

It's good to know what's
out there about you for
your own peace-of-mind!

Do: Learn about
your Neighbors

Keep your family safe
by knowing about the
people you are around.

Don't: Screen

You cannot use our reports
for employment screening
of any kind. We take this
very seriously.

Don't: Stalk
or Spy

Don't stalk, spy on people,
or contact them against
their wishes. Respect
other people's privacy.

Don't: Steal
an Identity

Don't use the service to
gather someones information
for any illegal purpose,
including identity theft.

Why BackgroundCheck.us.org ?

  • We offer a comprehensive report filled with vital information.
  • We provide a variety of information in multiple categories, ranging from vehicle reports, background checks, and property reports.
  • The databases we use have millions of records, ensuring complete results for your search.
  • We are one of the leading report providers in the jail inmate report space.
  • Your privacy is our number 1 concern.

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We provide easy access to millions of records from the internet's leading data suppliers
including LexisNexis, Experian, Corelogic and Equifax.


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